Tokky Brushless Motor Quadcopter Review

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Drones have become the latest thing people are spending on. Slowly but gradually, drones are becoming the most cherished gadget for those who love to spend on latest mean machines and usually have a great understanding of how these things work and make the best use out of their functionality.

The newest entrant in this high competition segment is the Tokky BRUSHLESS MOTOR Quadcopter' Drone which is equipped with 1800KV brushless motor which ensures low friction at the time of operation and also reduces heat production for the machine. The improved engine ensures durability and prolonged battery life which is increased by up to 50%.

The drone comes with a new generation two way 2.4GHZ remote control which enhances distance control metrics of the transmitter from 300 to 500 meters that give an exceptionally good flying experience. The high capacity battery allows the uninterrupted flying time of 18 minutes on a single charge. You can also make optimum use of the included 1800 -mAh battery which is easily removable. The extra battery that comes with the drone is safe to use all thanks to its unique design. Battery comes with a compartment cover to keep it safely.

As for the designs, this drone is one of the most beautiful ones that you can find in the market. Once you will open the package you will be spellbound by its sheer beauty, elegance and the ergonomic design which will win your heart instantly. The anti collision pure nylon fiber protective frame of this drone makes it well built and a strong piece that can brilliantly handle more crashes then any of your regular quadcopters.

The latest 3D flip technology of this drone with 6-Axis Gyro flying control system you are going to love its ease to use functionality. All you have to do is to flip with a little button to get the perfection action and wonderful performance. The simply WOW performance of this drone makes it one of the highly responsive machines you can spend your money on.

What All Is Included In The Package

  • Aircraft Body ×1
  • Remote Controller ×1
  • Propellers Pair ×4
  • Intelligent Flight Battery
  • Battery Charger ×1
  • Power Cable ×1
  • Micro SD Card (16GB) ×1
  • USB OTG Cable ×1
  • Micor USB Cable ×1
  • Gimbal Clamp ×1
  • Carrying Case ×1
  • Manuals
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • One extra intelligent flight battery
  • Adjustable remote controller lanyard shoulder strap
  • Professional, advanced and standard inspire transmitter
  • SD card reader

Tokky Brushless Motor Price

The Tokky Brushless Motor Quadcopter is reasonably priced and can be found online.