Parrot Minidrone Mambo Drone Review

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There are a lot of drones in the market, has various shapes and sizes, accessories, designs and functions. This is exactly the challenging part in buying a drone because you see these ads there are various things that you can do with it. You see great video quality and smooth ride; you even check the ads and other people using the product online, and to know more about the drone and what to buy. This is like a domino effect because the more that you search the more information gets feed to you, the makers, the testers and it becomes more complicated.

There are a lot of drones companies in the market today that claims to be the best and leaders in innovation their own right. However, the Mambo from Parrot is the ideal technological revolution. The drone proves to the world that indeed it is possible to make a great quality drone with great features without charging so much or buying expensive parts and features. It should not only be just finding the right drone but also a great lot of information and the result that will help you make the right purchase decision.

Unfortunately, some of the information on Minidrone Mambo are provided by amateur review sites and incompetent experts. This is because understanding the drones operations and features can be relatively complicated especially to people who are new in the technology world.

Therefore, we provide you with the best review of the Parrot Minidrone Mambo.

Special features:

• Can shoot miniature balls up to 6ft away

• A grabber function that can: Catch, carry and release cargo up to 4g:

• Sophisticated sensors that helps provide optimal stability

• Can do acrobatics like flips and barrel rolls

• Has a Free Flight Mini app or the new Fly pad controller (200 feet range)

It’s neither the biggest drone nor the smallest so it's a good transition drone, good for class, for drone introduction and just for plain fun!


The drone is relatively small, so it is very portable and can be carried and used anywhere. Moreover, it has a great and well defined design that portrays its unique functionality.

Besides, the drone is easy to use thanks to its fantastic app and Fly pad controller and the result is just an overall versatile drone that can do a lot of things that most drones can’t.

Buying advice

If durability is your issue, you should treat it just like any other drone, it’s not indestructible but it does do its job well. Buy it today! Indeed, it is a drone that everybody is asking for currently in the market. Notably, most drones are just for videos, but you have never seen a drone that can do a lot of things than you can imagine! If you want a drone that packs the functions, a good design, has a good price value and innovative then don’t look any further, because it's already here. The Parrot Minidrone Mambo!

In conclusion the Parrot Minidrone Mambo is indeed a good transition or a training drone perfect for people that want to learn flying a drone. Its functions make it a steal because it can do a lot of things that provides a lot of fun times and a lot of potential. It’s just an overall easy to use drone that you can carry anywhere thanks to its size and app. There's just no drone that is like it in the market today! It’s great for anyone (adults and teens), great for family time and even do some fun with its features: Catch, carry and release.

Parrot Minidrone MamboPrice

The Parrot Minidrone Mambo is reasonably priced and can be found online.