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There are enough and more options for the fly drones that are available in the market. Among the several factors to be considered before making the drone-buying decision include the design, camera type, dimensions, durability, media type and much more.

Based on the above-said essential factors, Parrot Disco drones have been tremendously successful and are a popular choice among the contemporaries in fly drone segment. The main distinguishing feature of the Parrot Disco drone is its aerodynamic design which makes it fly easily through the air as people control it with the use of an extended range controller.

There are mainly 2 variants of the Parrot disco drones which can be categorized as

  • Flying drones
  • Camera drones

Parrot Disco Drone is a brilliant product with many strong features and technical dimensions including-

  • A broad flying range
  • High-quality camera of full HD 1080p
  • Carbon tube construction
  • Much longer battery life of 45 minutes
  • Range of 1.24 miles
  • Top speed of 50 mph
  • Assisted controls
  • A unique black and white coloration which makes a great outer appearance

Pros of Parrot disco drones

  • This fly drone has an extended range controller that is specifically designed in an ergonomic manner.
  • The aerodynamic design makes it capable of pulling off some great and innovative flight patterns during the ride.
  • One of the best features is the easy piloting of the device as compared to other fly drones.
  • Parrot disco drone is capable of taking off and landing on its own and works well with the Android devices.
  • The parrot disco drone comes with a Pro flight planning software that allows people to fly this amazing device completely autonomously.
  • This device is less noise making and is reasonably priced as compared to other fly drones in the market.

Cons of the Parrot disco drones

  • The video range of Parrot disco drones is less efficient as compared to other similar drones.
  • One of the cons of this drone is the complex flight control and autopilot system and the user manual for the drone isn’t much helpful in this aspect.
  • The parrot disco drones does not have a GPS tracking device making it harder to track the direction of the device and locating it might be a struggle.
  • Need large space for landing and operating the parrot disco drone in an area that has a lot of obstacles can be a cause of concern.


It is definitely a great fly drone with some amazing features and affordable pricing and provides a complete immersive flight experience to the users. The parrot disco drone is a device that is strong and capable enough to ensure long and successful flights experience for the fly drone users.

Parrot Disco Drone Price

The Parrot Disco Drone is reasonably priced and can be found online.