GoPro Karma Drone Review

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The GoPro Karma Drone frees you from having to attach your GoPro camera to your helmet. Instead of a helmet, you attach the camera to the drone and fly it to record footage. This gives you freedom to record in areas you may otherwise be unable to access. You also get the ability to capture footage from a wider variety of angles.

Camera Compatibility

This unit is compatible with three GoPro cameras: Hero 5 Session, Hero 5 Black, and GoPro Hero 4. As of now, these are the only cameras that fit this unit. Simply attach your camera via the supplied stabilization mount. This mount secures the camera and keeps it in place while you fly the drone. You will get incredible aerial shots that are steady and clear. Your friends can also watch your footage live from their smartphones.

Core Unit

You will find that some combo packaged versions of this product include a camera. But the core unit does not come with a camera. You receive the drone and a light-weight touchscreen controller. As for battery life, the unit can fly for up to four hours on a fully-charged battery.

Operating Modes

The GoPro Karma Drone has multiple operating modes. The Dronie mode is for taking zoom selfies. The Cable Cam mode moves between pre-defined points that you have set ahead of time. Reveal mode pans the camera around an area until the subject is in view. Then there is Orbit mode, which pans as well but is for continuous circular pans around a subject.

GoPro Karma Drone Price

The GoPro Karma Drone is reasonably priced and can be found online.