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The AirDog is a drone that's unlike any you may have flown before. Most drones exist primarily to give their owners the thrill of flight -- their ability to capture images and videos is of secondary importance. The AirDog is different; its primary purpose is to capture video footage while maintaining completely autonomous flight patterns. It is the ultimate tool for aerial sports photography.

Hands-Free Control

The AirDog drone requires no controller, smartphone or tablet for controlling flight. Instead, it includes a hands-free controller that you can wear on your wrist. Press one button to take off, and press another button to land. Other buttons allow you to select flight modes and make adjustments to altitude and other flight characteristics. When you're biking through the mountains or paddling out to catch the next wave, you can't pause to glance at the status of your drone. That's why the AirDog manages itself while you concentrate on your own activities. If the AirDog's battery is nearly dead, the drone automatically lands in the nearest safe position to where it last saw you.

Autonomous Flight for Sports Photography

The AirDog has pre-programmed flight modes for sports such as biking, surfing, wakeboarding, windsurfing and snowboarding. Modes for other sports such as water skiing and motocross are coming soon. In each mode, the AirDog knows how to follow you and get the best camera angle while avoiding water, rocks and other dangers. When the AirDog captures images of a water sport, it won't attempt to land near you if the battery is low. Instead, it'll return to a safe position on dry land.

Camera Support

Unlike many drones, the AirDog unfortunately includes no camera. Instead, it has a mount for a GoPro camera. When buying the AirDog, you'll need to budget a bit of money for a camera as well. However, GoPro cameras are superior to many built-in drone cameras for sports photography.

Easy Storage

Since the AirDog is ideal for filming extreme sports, it's natural that you'd want to take it to some pretty extreme places. The AirDog features a folding design that allows it to fit almost anywhere. Simply fold in the propellers and arms, and place the AirDog in your backpack. Take the AirDog to the most extreme areas that you can find -- the AirDog is always ready to fly.

AirDog Drone Price

The AirDog Drone is reasonably priced and can be found online.