What is the Best Drone for Flying?

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Best Drone for Beginners

Yuneec Breeze - a tiny 4K quadcopter

New Breeze copter, despite its miniature size, offers highly impressive capabilities of the flight and video shooting. The maximum photo resolution is 13 MP; camera viewing angle - 117 degrees; 4K and FullHD video format with 30 fps support; CMOS-sensor has a size of 1/3". In addition to automatic capture mode, it's possible to adjust the white balance manually. Also, the Digital Image Stabilization is engaged in all modes except the maximum.

The drone is controlled by a smartphone or tablet through an application for iOS and Android. It operates in five different modes: Pilot (manual control), Follow me (automatic camera angle selection), Selfie, Orbit, and Travel (following a given trajectory).

For the purposes of safety, Yuneec developers equipped a Breeze model with infrared sensors, due to which a drone is able to keep set position on the open air and indoor. Furthermore, it has the function of automatic return to the takeoff and landing point in case of remote signal loss.

The device weighs about 450g. The maximum flight time on a single charge is 12 minutes, also you’ll need from 30 to 40 minutes for battery recharge. It comes with a special box for storage and comfortable drone carriage.

Best Drone for Intermediate users

Yuneec Typhoon G

Yuneec Typhoon G is an amateur quadcopter with GoPro support (or any other action cameras such format) and integrated FPV system - real-time video broadcast to the remote control.

This drone has a whole set of advantages:

·Optimal copter for video capture if you already have an action camera;

·3-axis stabilization suspension for GoPro;

·The image is transmitted to the remote monitor (a mobile device isn’t necessary);

·Manual SteadyGrip suspension for handheld shooting with bundled GoPro camera;

·Flight time up to 25 minutes;

·Video broadcast range up to 400 meters;

·Autopilot Modes;

·Following pilot functions – “Watch Me” and “Follow Me”;

·Dynamic Home Point (return home).

Typhoon G is a drone, that doesn’t need in assemblage and configuring. You just need to get it out of the box, fasten the propellers, perform an easy calibration and use it immediately!

Its main purpose is the video filming from the height. Also, an adjustable speed through a slider is a very convenient thing: in fact, you're changing the endpoints settings on the control panel. In slow mode, the entire stick range allows controlling a drone very precisely when flying at maximum speed.

Copter controls are very simple. In Smart mode you don’t need to worry about its frontal part direction and incline level: all the controls are coordinated with GPS. If you leave the sticks, the drone will be hanging at the point where it was left – it will develop the wind resist and the camera will focus at the same shooting point.

Best Drone for Professionals

Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon

Q500 Typhoon is probably an ideal quadcopter for those looking to buy a radio-controlled drone with a camera, which can be charged and used immediately, simultaneously shooting a video for YouTube. The fact is that the copter bundled with all the necessary accessories for professional multifunctional exploitation. Namely:

·The camera that can record video in 1080P format with a frame rate of 60 fps;

·3-axis gimbal suspension CGO2-GB;

·The ground station ST10, that includes a remote control with a 4” screen;

·2 rechargeable batteries;

·8GB Memory Card;


·Standard Battery & Car Charger;


·4 spare propellers;

·Detailed instructions in English.

Thus, when purchasing this copter, you don’t have to re-buy anything: here it is a true ready-to-fly drone!